Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Textile Tuesday

the best local quilt shop that i have found in my area is a good 45 minute drive from my house.  with gas getting closer to 4$ a gallon i don't get to go very often.  but last week, we were driving right by it on a way to one of my husband's play off games.  BONUS!
they were having a fat tuesday fat quarter sale.  this could be bad. :)  keep in my i went in looking to see if they had any of the helicopter print from the Ready Set Go line.  here's what i came out with...
 no helicopters, lol
 not sure why i was ended up with this combination other than i've recently noticed i don't have enough reds and orange in my stash.  i've also been planning to make a throw pillow cover for our living room area which has red and aqua walls.  
these two are my favorites.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Taco Ring

Looking for a quick, easy and fun dinner for the whole family?  Look no further!  I first had this back in college when my roommate showed me how to make it.  Thanks Kerry! I have since added my own little touches at the end.
What you'll need:
2 cans of croissant rolls
approx 1 lb of ground meat (i used turkey here)
1 pkg of taco season or your preferred taco seasoning
any additional sides.  lettuce, cheese, tomatoes, guacamole, etc.

 first take your rolls and spread them out in a circle like so.  I used a pizza pan b/c it helps me get the circle shape.  make sure the edges of the rolls over a lap a good bit to give you enough width to hold the meat. if you don't have a round pan a rectangle pan works just fine, you'll just have to shape the circle yourself.  next brown your meat and add the seasoning as directed on the packet.  spoon your seasoned meat onto your rolls.
 as you can see i didn't plan a head very well when i spread the rolls out and the ends fell over the edge of the counter. :)  oops!
 next fold the ends of the rolls over the meat and into the center of the ring.  
 bake the ring according the baking directions for the rolls.  the meat is already cooked so you don't have to worry about how long that cooks.  just gotta get the rolls nice and flaky!
 voila! a nice golden brown taco ring.  In the picture above, i had added the cheese to the meat mixture before baking.  you can add it there or as you'll see in the next picture you can add it later.  here's where the fun part comes in...
add all your favorite fixings to the middle of the ring. here i made a taco salad with shredded lettuce chopped tomatoes and shredded cheese.  you can really do anything here like rice or guacamole.    my family loves this meal.  we set the plate in the middle of the table and dig in.  even the little one tears into the lettuce and tomatoes!  Hope you enjoy!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

textile tuesday and work in progress wednesday

what?  i missed a week? yep, it's been pretty crazy around here lately. and i'm going to combine textile tuesday and WIP wednesday.   shame on me. :)  all i got is one lonely pic of my one current personal WIP.  
It's a chunky crochet.  That's a size N, or some other ridiculous size, hook that my SISTER gave me.  gotta love sisters!  I hope to make one of those big floor poofs/bean bag/pillows thingies.  you know what i'm talking about right?  if not here's a SOME INSPIRATION!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

wordless weekend...well almost

i discovered instagram this weekend.  add it to the list of things i'm obsessed with lately o:)
here's a picture of our valentine's day date night.  dinner and a movie. 

Weekend Finishes

 I finished up my Just Wing It #2 quilt this weekend. 
i went with the honeycomb fabric for the binding. 

 when piecing the top i went with a random pile.  before i started i divided the fabrics into two stacks.  bold patterns and solids.  after that it was totally random.  this is the first time i have ever gone with the completely random approach and i have to admit it was hard for me to let go.  i think it turned out well, but i'm not sure if i'll be able to do it again on another quilt anytime soon! :)
It is now up in the SHOP.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just Wing It Take 2

quilt top for Just Wing It #2? Check.
 it's quilted with minimal straight lines and backed with super soft chenille. 
 now, i just need some inspiration for what to bind it with.  here's the best i've come up with from my stash.  honey come in jewel tones.  i can't decide if the pattern is too much. 

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Textile Tuesday #2

this week's fabric stash is a result of online fabric shopping.  if you are anything like me, you know this can be a slippery slope.  an endless selection of fabric all at your finger tips? bad.  oh, you take pay pal so i don't have to get up to get my credit card? bad, bad, bad.  but oh so good at the same time.  
 this bundle is from the the echo line by lotta jandsotter with a mix of coordinating kona solids. 
 i've always had a sweet spot for anything purple, plum or lavender.  and that little teal guy snuck in there at the end :)
 for the longest i have avoided buying solids.  when buying on a budget, i wanted the biggest bang for my buck and i always thought that was in pattern.  after getting these solids, i am now sold on solids.  maybe, it's just my love for purple...

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pintervention #2

Are you so addicted to pinterest that you need an intervention?  Consider this your place for a pintervention!  The following are my favorites for the week.  

mug rug
I love mug rugs.  They are super quick, easy, and a great way to change up any space for each holiday or season.  
mug rug
v-day berry wreath.  xoxo!
I love a good wreath.  I love how this one thinks outside the box of the usual wreath size and shape. XoXo!!
Valentine's Day teacher giftThis cookie jar decoration would make the perfect teacher gift.  And oh yah, I'm digging the bakers twine lately!Ours is my favorite.
Finally, a little signage.  Love.

Please don't forget to visit the pages of any of these that you find interesting and leave them some comment love.  

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