Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mother's Day

L has been really into helping out in the kitchen, especially
mixing or egg cracking you might have.
So for mother's day, we made homemade
sourdough waffles!
Sourdough Starter Recipe:
one cup warm water
one cup all purpose flour
1 tsp flour

mix in glass or ceramic bowl.  let set for 2-3 days. stir occasionally.
once starter develops sweet smell, place in air tight
container and refrigerate.

the recipe was martha stewart's except i used whole wheat flour instead of regular.  (and we didn't have any regular sugar so secretly i used brown o:)

 Here they are below topped with strawberries.  gotta get something healthy in there somewhere right?!

 Here's the sour dough starter all dolled up.
After all the cooking fun, we out for a momma daughter to get our nails done.  It was L's very first trip to the nail salon.  she loved it and actually tolerated sitting still....unfortunately she finished before i did and no longer wanted to be still.  LESSON LEARNED! momma goes first!!

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