Monday, October 24, 2011

umbrella upcycle

A few months back a storm blew through our neighborhood and left us with a broken umbrella. It has sat neglected in the corner on the porch ever since. Coincidentally, we have a very used and abused dining room table and chairs. This is the same table and chairs that my sisters used to sit at when in grade school and our homework. So you can imagine what the upholstery on the chairs looks like. (there's picture proof coming up) after a few months of blog hopping, I have been inspired to upcycle things around my house, and thought this was the perfect opportunity!
Here's a picture of our umbrella. I'm sure why, but i really liked it. Something about the bright colors i suppose. So I was sad to see it go with the rain. Below, is the picture of where the umbrella was supposed to be. Please don't look at the state of the lawn....the record setting Texas summer of 2011 left few survivors.
Ahhh, and here's a shot of the cushion from the chairs. Stage left shows the cute little feet of my artiste who helped make that paint stain in the upper right hand corner. As you can see, even if these were clean the fabric really isn't up to date anyway. (not that bright red, orange and green stripes are ultra hip. i just like them better)
I was really bad. I mean really bad. I didn't clean the umbrella fabric before stapling it to the cushions. Just some dusting off by hand. O:) So bad..
After laying the cushion on top of the fabric as a guide, I cut out a square leaving enough on each side to wrap around the cushion. Then, I got to use my handy dandy staple gun. This was the best part of the project.
Tada! New and improved dining room chairs for free!! The whole project took under an hour.

Now, what to do with this carpet in my living room that I don't like......

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  1. I love when I can make pretty things for $0. Thanks for linking up.

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