Friday, May 13, 2011

my favorite things of spring

after wearing sweaters and being stuck inside all winter, there's nothing better than a warm springtime breeze. am i right? but, it's kinda hard to take a picture air. i am by no means a green thumb, but when it comes down to it, my next favorite things of spring are garden surprises.
this is our first squash of the year. now, if i could only make myself like squash...or any vegetable for that matter.
this little beauty is a surprise because the flat of flowers we bought were white. when this guy bloomed, he was fuchsia. so now we have a long line of white flowers lining the flower bed with a bright pink one in the middle.
last, but not least are my all time favorite flowers ever. hydrangea. this plant was my mother's day gift from jared and landry last year.

so, i have to know...what are your favorite things of spring?


  1. I love hydrangeas too! And I also planted one last year! Mine turned pink this year, so I've got to work on my soil to make them blue again. I'm starting to really like working outside :)

    My favorite thing about spring, I can start sending my boys outside again when they go crazy!!

  2. oh, i love kids going outside too!!!