Saturday, April 30, 2011

Springtime Shabby Scrap Wreath

Materials Needed:
  • one metal hanger
  • coordinating fabric scraps.
side note: my scraps were one inch wide by 5 inches long. if you want a chunkier look cut your fabric wider. mine were already cut to one inch for another project thus the thinner look.
take your hanger and unbend it, shaping it into a circle. you should be able to use your bare hands for this but a pair of needle nose pliers might come in handy. you can leave the hook to use later to hang your wreath. if you choose this method just use some more scraps to make a bow to camouflage it. Or, you can undbend it and form it along the top curve you already made.
Now start tying your scraps with a knot around your the hanger.
tie, tie, and tie some more. this is a good opportunity to catch up on tivo. keep tying till you run out of fabric or run out of room on your hanger.

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