Sunday, April 3, 2011

spring flings

please meet Eugene, the newest member of our family. he's named after the male lead in tangled. (his real name) this is bull frog tad pole. or as Landry calls it a frog fish. he had a friend that came with him which promptly died as Landry quickly pointed out "hey, he swims upside down" right now he's living in an old diaper wipes box until further "accommodations" can be found.
in other spring time news. there were a few Easter crafts started at my house this weekend. i made this Easter egg wreath which is a kid friendly craft. the wreath that was my inspiration can be found here. as you can see, they yarned around all of their eggs. after 3 failures at trying this, i went with the original plastic egg as is. it was much easier on my mental well being. (and my finger tips after all that hot glue) since i already had the yarn and eggs, all i had to get was the wreath which was half off at my hobby lobby!

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