Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my little artiste

I'm sure you've heard me talk about Landry's obsession with using our home as an artistic outlet. every time i turn around something else has been "decorated"
this is a shot of her cleaning side walk chalk off of the wall on the island between our kitchen and living. also please not the marker on her own arm. nothing is off limits in her imagination apparently.
this is black crayon on her bed. she was supposed to be "taking a nap" on a side note, she has recently started eliminating her naps. please pray for me.
this is grey marker on my sewing machine. at least she was reading the leaders correctly as she marked them off.
this one is my favorite. i love the use of colors and sparkly stickers. why is this one so bad, you might ask. it just so happens it's on the back of one our vacation pictures.
and last but not least, the infamous green highlighter on our "dry clean only" comforter. luckily i was able to get this out using an awesome Oreck spot cleaner. (thanks Danielle!)

I'm envisioning that one day my little Michelangelo will be a wildly successful artist and she'll pay for me to live large on her dime and buy me lots of nice "undecorated" stuff. it's always nice to dream right :)

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