Tuesday, January 4, 2011

quilt day one

if you've ever wanted to try something, but didn't think you could. maybe you didn't know how or where to start. well then i know exactly how you feel. i'm going to try to make a quilt. maybe you won't believe, but i have very little clue of what i am doing. i got my first sewing machine 3 years ago for Christmas. (i even asked for it) it sat in the box till somewhere around sept when one of my bff's taught me how to thread and load the bobbin. pathetic i know. (on a side note, she's my inspiration for this first creation. thanks Kerry!)
anywho, after crocheting the past three months i wanted to branch out and try something new. fast forward to three weeks ago when i passed this roll of fabric scraps at hobby lobby while on a yarn run. it was love at first sight. this is what she looks like day one. i have all the pieces cut, the pattern laid out and the first row sewn....that's why it's so much short than the others. i have no clue what i'm going to do when i get all the pieces and rows together b/c i'm pretty sure you have to do thinks like batt it, back it and bind it and idk if that's even right. maybe there's a website i can learn from.

this could all crash and burn...stay tuned. :)

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