Thursday, October 21, 2010

so what's new with the farnsworths......

high school football is in full effect. this has jared long on hours and short on sleep. it has been really neat to see him interacting with the kids over the past two years. while the long hours can wear on us, i have really seen him grow and i'm very proud on him.

and then there's landry. the past few months have been tooooouuuuugggghhhh. when people told me i would pay for my raising i figured i had until she was at least 10......uh wrong. whew, there's a reason why they call them the terrible two's. she certainly has a strong will. and i can't say the apple falls far from the tree. on either side. slowly we are starting to make some progress, and i'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. it's difficult not to be hard on yourself and question the job your doing as a parent during these times. but, on the much more important other hand, the good times by far outweigh the hard times. she's a ton of fun. she has a little sense of humor. she's starting to use her imagination and to tell stories. and her new kick lately has been to say "hey mom guess what. (pause) i love you" as she looks at me from the side with a grin on her face. such a little blessing.

and last but not still working part time at parkland in the ER. duh. not sure there's anywhere else in the metro that i could work (or that would have me) so for the time being there's no change in that dept, but u never know. probably the biggest thing going on is that i'm planning to travel to ghana in january for medical missions. jared and i have been trying to go on trip for over a year now and for various reason have been unsuccessful. i felt like maybe God was telling US no, not necessarily ME no. so, i'm going to "go until i get a no." and so far all green lights.
during the initial meeting the group leader kept talking about how rustic the accommodations and medical equipment will be. i keep thinking "i work at parkland, i got this." i have a feeling that i will rue the day i ever thought this. the biggest if only obstacle, mental or otherwise, has been immunizations. i seriously spent about 30 minutes trying to talk myself out of the entire trip just so i wouldn't have to go get one tiny little shot. redic. finally i pulled up my big girl panties and headed over to the dallas county dept of health (shout out) and "got er done" it was easy. shots, check. passport, check. care for landry, probable check.

stay tuned...