Sunday, November 7, 2010

things kids say/inspiration for the week

something about landry's mood this past week has really cracked me up. friday she spent the whole hour at walmart while i bought groceries singing to the other patron's her rendition of "if your happy and you know it"

that evening while i was cooking, she walked up to me in the kitchen. gave me a hug around the leg and kissed me on the hip and said "momma, i love you bobo." (i'm thinking this one statement alone makes her a keeper)

awhile back she spilled half a thing of baby powder in her room. a make shift art project i'm sure. And bless my husbands heart, he thankfully vacuumed it up for me b/c by this point i was at wits end with her. now, over a month later it still smells like powder when i vacuum which now makes me grin.

she also keeps asking to go outside and "pick halloweenos" which loosely translated me jalapenos.

random quotes that have inspire me the past few days....

God does not call the equipped. He equips the called. - "the hole in our gospel"
Do not try to prepare the path for the child, but instead train the child for the path. -Brad McCoy
What are we doing that shows our children that we are different, that we are living the way God wants us to. - K.T.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fund raiser

i'm trying ot raise money for the upcoming trip to Ghana. i'm selling beanies and a few other items that i've made. pics are up on facebook...
the beanies come in any size from 0-3 months to adult and our 10$ for kids and 15$ for adults. i'm also working on a sock monkey style beanie and owl beanie.

scarves and baby blankets(these take me a few weeks) are also available.

all items come in any color of your choice as long as it's available at hobby lobby (my high end yarn provider, lol)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

so what's new with the farnsworths......

high school football is in full effect. this has jared long on hours and short on sleep. it has been really neat to see him interacting with the kids over the past two years. while the long hours can wear on us, i have really seen him grow and i'm very proud on him.

and then there's landry. the past few months have been tooooouuuuugggghhhh. when people told me i would pay for my raising i figured i had until she was at least 10......uh wrong. whew, there's a reason why they call them the terrible two's. she certainly has a strong will. and i can't say the apple falls far from the tree. on either side. slowly we are starting to make some progress, and i'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. it's difficult not to be hard on yourself and question the job your doing as a parent during these times. but, on the much more important other hand, the good times by far outweigh the hard times. she's a ton of fun. she has a little sense of humor. she's starting to use her imagination and to tell stories. and her new kick lately has been to say "hey mom guess what. (pause) i love you" as she looks at me from the side with a grin on her face. such a little blessing.

and last but not still working part time at parkland in the ER. duh. not sure there's anywhere else in the metro that i could work (or that would have me) so for the time being there's no change in that dept, but u never know. probably the biggest thing going on is that i'm planning to travel to ghana in january for medical missions. jared and i have been trying to go on trip for over a year now and for various reason have been unsuccessful. i felt like maybe God was telling US no, not necessarily ME no. so, i'm going to "go until i get a no." and so far all green lights.
during the initial meeting the group leader kept talking about how rustic the accommodations and medical equipment will be. i keep thinking "i work at parkland, i got this." i have a feeling that i will rue the day i ever thought this. the biggest if only obstacle, mental or otherwise, has been immunizations. i seriously spent about 30 minutes trying to talk myself out of the entire trip just so i wouldn't have to go get one tiny little shot. redic. finally i pulled up my big girl panties and headed over to the dallas county dept of health (shout out) and "got er done" it was easy. shots, check. passport, check. care for landry, probable check.

stay tuned...

Saturday, September 4, 2010

paging P. Enis

some stories are best told in long narrative form. and today was no different.

i feel like to tell you about today's adventure, i must first tell you a few other stories.

1. this first tale is sort of a free medical terminology lesson. on some occasions in my field we obtain venous blood gasses. these tell us the pH of the blood. the potassium, oxygen and various other levels. blah. blah. blah. today i learned, that apparently, you can draw a venous blood gas from a particular part vein in the body and tell if surrounding tissue has suffered an infarction (basically lack of oxygen and tissue death.)

2. the second is best accounted as a hypothetical situation if you will. let's say mr. a or mr. b or mr c. whatever you'd like to call him. let's pretend that he's been taking his cell mate's meds. and this certain med has a habit of causing a priapism as an unwanted side effect. a priapism is a sustained erection that is painful and considered a medical emergency. evidently, you can obtain a blood specimen from the penis, send it to lab for a blood gas and tell by the pH if there has been permanent damage to the tissue.

3. (the good part) at some point during my day today, a urologist sent this type of blood sample to the lab only it was in the wrong type of test tube. at this time lab calls me to tell me the bad news. at which point i notified her that this was a penis venous sample and that another sample could not be obtained. could she please run the test anyway. there was a long pregnant pause followed by a little giggle on her end. "a penis venous, huh? hold please" she pulls the phone away from her ear, forgets to place me on hold and yells to someone else in her department "it's a penis venous! what. no. penis. venous.(staccato) peeee-nis.(now enunciating) penis. penis. " (at this point, she's clearly exasperated) she regains herself and simply says, "i'll call you back." the line goes dead.


Friday, September 3, 2010


just a few unconstructed thoughts from this week.
1. insanity fit test 1. ashley 0.
2. insanity day 2 is absolutely redic. they have a move called the "level one" were u drop to push up position from standing. 8 push ups. then 8 mountain climbers (running while in plank position) then jump back up to standing position. i find this especially amusing b/c at work we have the "level one machine" where live saving blood or iv fluids are infused at light speed to patients who are crashing.....i needed a level one machine after doing day 2 of insanity.
3. when asked if he was having any problems with his bowel movements my patient responded with "it's only a problem if your around me when i have one" which i thought was quite profound and hilarious.
4. on the same while going to the potty landry told me to "get out of here momma, it's starting to stink"
5. day 4 of insanity is 20 minutes of non stop (no water breaks, 15 sec mini breaks, nothing) cardio. i'm so out of shape.
6. still waiting for that positive "test." i feel like makers of these tests should get creative and use smiley and frown faces...
7. the weather was amazing today. windows up. ac off.
8. i checked in a patient who was writhing, moaning, clutching his stomach in one hand. holding a half eat little debbie chocolate cake in the other.
9. God is good.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes

during sunday school this weekend Landry's class learned about Moses. after church we stopped off at Chicken Express for our traditional sunday lunch out as a family. while Jared was ordering, Landry and i decided it was a good time to take a potty break. while we were in there Landry starts yelling at the top of her lungs "let my people go" i can only imagine what the ppl in the resturant were thinking. i'm sure they were thinking i was "freeing the chocolate hostages" lol jared said she could clearly be heard outside, lol. but i'm thinking "ok she's really getting something from class. this is good."
so we finished up and found jared at our table. i thought we would show off for daddy and let him in on her learning. so, i asked her "landry, what did moses say?" She knitted her eyesbrow together. Stuck her right pointer finger out and said "be nice to everybody!" now i'm no biblical scholar but i don't think moses was ever quoted saying that. but being nice to everyone is not a bad thing, so i'm not going to tell her otherwise.
so sometime has passed and we're busy sipping our sweet tea. i've given up on getting her to show off for jared when she yells out again "let my people go." when jared asks her "who said that?" she's get's this nonchalant look on her face, tilts her head to the side and says will complete sincerity "i did" as in "duh dad."

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What I Learned at Women of Faith

the women of faith tour rolled through dallas this weekend and i was there. it was an awesome experience with lost of great women, speakers, music and fun. (on a side note, spending large amounts of time with a truck load of other women is way out of my confort zone)

one of the first speakers was Lisa Harper. she talked about spanx alot, so i liked her. but one thing that she really said that stuck with me was that you don't have to be "the perfect women" to worship, follow or be loved by God. what i think is flawed is beautiful to God. i've always known this but, it never stopped me from trying. Satan uses this get under my skin. so there's something you should know. i am flawed. i have split ends, stretch marks and varicose veins. i have stained carpet, weeds in my flower bed and dusty shelves. i sin, i gossip and fall short. that's definetly hard for me to admit. but, it's ok. God still loves me and can use me.

so what? if i learn this about myself and don't change, then so what? i have to change. i have to allow myself to feel vulnderable to ppl and know that it's ok.
so what's the most volnerable thing i can think of....admiting that jared are going to have more babies. :) for most women i think this is easy as putting on flip flops. but for me it's like trying to paint the nails of my right hand with my left's hard. after losing our first pregnancy, admitting that we are trying again opens me up to that loss again. there is so much hurt surrounding that first loss that for ppl to know i could experience again is so scary to me. but i know that God is good. and so, it's out there.

Work in Progress

honestly i created this blog b/c the status update box on facebook is just not big enough sometimes. also, there's no freedom of choice with social networking pages. you log on, and bam everyone's opinions, thoughts, etc are loaded right in front of you. God, gives us a choice to follow him. i want people to read my thoughts only when they want to and because they want....if at all. i don't think of myself as a writer by any means, but sometimes the words just need to come out.
my first intention with this blod was not to be 100% religious, but just a place to share my life story, laugh at myself and get my thoughts out. but lately, God has been working in me, and therefore given me alot to think about.
with that being said, if you read and disagree with my thoughts and opinions thats okay. it's not my intention to judge others or push my views on others are list out verses and sermons on here. but instead to open myself up to others. get out of my comfort zone and be vulnerable and share my struggles