Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2001

for many, today was the first day of school. it was no different here. j was up and at em bright and early. for little L and i it was a much calmer day this year around. summer is officially over, and with dad out of the house we had some time on our hands. first, and it's no surprise, there was fabric!
i finally settled on a pattern for my layer cake of Sweetwater's Hometown line. i'm not sure if i'm 100% satisfied with it, but at least i'm doing something with it.
somewhere between fabric was a trip to the neighborhood pool. however, it wasn't all fun and games around here. we had a little "school" action going on too.
but, let's be honest.....there's was a lot of fun being had today.

hope everyone had a great summer! and for my faithful 7 followers, i hope to blog on a more regular basis now that things are back on a schedule around here.

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