Sunday, November 7, 2010

things kids say/inspiration for the week

something about landry's mood this past week has really cracked me up. friday she spent the whole hour at walmart while i bought groceries singing to the other patron's her rendition of "if your happy and you know it"

that evening while i was cooking, she walked up to me in the kitchen. gave me a hug around the leg and kissed me on the hip and said "momma, i love you bobo." (i'm thinking this one statement alone makes her a keeper)

awhile back she spilled half a thing of baby powder in her room. a make shift art project i'm sure. And bless my husbands heart, he thankfully vacuumed it up for me b/c by this point i was at wits end with her. now, over a month later it still smells like powder when i vacuum which now makes me grin.

she also keeps asking to go outside and "pick halloweenos" which loosely translated me jalapenos.

random quotes that have inspire me the past few days....

God does not call the equipped. He equips the called. - "the hole in our gospel"
Do not try to prepare the path for the child, but instead train the child for the path. -Brad McCoy
What are we doing that shows our children that we are different, that we are living the way God wants us to. - K.T.

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