Friday, September 3, 2010


just a few unconstructed thoughts from this week.
1. insanity fit test 1. ashley 0.
2. insanity day 2 is absolutely redic. they have a move called the "level one" were u drop to push up position from standing. 8 push ups. then 8 mountain climbers (running while in plank position) then jump back up to standing position. i find this especially amusing b/c at work we have the "level one machine" where live saving blood or iv fluids are infused at light speed to patients who are crashing.....i needed a level one machine after doing day 2 of insanity.
3. when asked if he was having any problems with his bowel movements my patient responded with "it's only a problem if your around me when i have one" which i thought was quite profound and hilarious.
4. on the same while going to the potty landry told me to "get out of here momma, it's starting to stink"
5. day 4 of insanity is 20 minutes of non stop (no water breaks, 15 sec mini breaks, nothing) cardio. i'm so out of shape.
6. still waiting for that positive "test." i feel like makers of these tests should get creative and use smiley and frown faces...
7. the weather was amazing today. windows up. ac off.
8. i checked in a patient who was writhing, moaning, clutching his stomach in one hand. holding a half eat little debbie chocolate cake in the other.
9. God is good.

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