Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes

during sunday school this weekend Landry's class learned about Moses. after church we stopped off at Chicken Express for our traditional sunday lunch out as a family. while Jared was ordering, Landry and i decided it was a good time to take a potty break. while we were in there Landry starts yelling at the top of her lungs "let my people go" i can only imagine what the ppl in the resturant were thinking. i'm sure they were thinking i was "freeing the chocolate hostages" lol jared said she could clearly be heard outside, lol. but i'm thinking "ok she's really getting something from class. this is good."
so we finished up and found jared at our table. i thought we would show off for daddy and let him in on her learning. so, i asked her "landry, what did moses say?" She knitted her eyesbrow together. Stuck her right pointer finger out and said "be nice to everybody!" now i'm no biblical scholar but i don't think moses was ever quoted saying that. but being nice to everyone is not a bad thing, so i'm not going to tell her otherwise.
so sometime has passed and we're busy sipping our sweet tea. i've given up on getting her to show off for jared when she yells out again "let my people go." when jared asks her "who said that?" she's get's this nonchalant look on her face, tilts her head to the side and says will complete sincerity "i did" as in "duh dad."


  1. Kids say the greatest things! BTW, where did you get this awesome background? I've been revamping my blogs, and I can't seem to find really good backgrounds :(

  2. i don't really remember. i just googled blog backgrounds one day. it was a while back.

  3. I just scrolled up and there is a logo in the corner. I feel so smart.